3 Methods to Simplify Administration Activities

Administration is one of the most important parts of any kind of business operation. While it might not get the glory and appeal of sales and marketing or handle the huge sums of money accounting does, administration does a huge amount of good for businesses when it's done properly. Improper administration can also sink an otherwise very robust business in a hurry. The following are just a few great ways that a business's administration can operate more simply and thus effectively.

Cut Out Paper

Paper is a sad relic of the past in most instances. While hard copies are often useful in the legal field, most other parts of a business have little to no need for the pulp of dead trees. Considering how many methods most businesses have for backing up information, including both on-premises and cloud-based backups, there is simply no need to occupy space and waste resources with a bunch of paper. Unfortunately, this is one component of most businesses that is unlikely to change quickly, in spite of a spate of new technologies aimed at making a paperless world into a reality.

Use Skype

Skype doesn't cost anything, keeps a bunch of people in the loop and allows mass communications without the massive headaches that other forms of communication tend to bring about. With Skype, you can keep everyone in the loop at all times, meaning that the administrators don't have to individually chase people around as much. Granted, sometimes people will forget pertinent information - people are still human. But with a massive and easily accessed form of communication like this, information will be shared more effectively.

Have Ten Minute Meetings

Most meetings fall apart because there's no agenda and people spend too much time daydreaming and getting sidetracked. With ten minute meetings, people share relevant information, the goal to be achieved stays in focus, and a lot can happen in a short amount of time. When everyone has little time to drift off, administration can benefit a lot from the lack of unnecessary "chatter" and details that don't matter that tends to come up in most meetings.

Administration is a great part of every business, even though it doesn't get very much respect. While you always have the option to do a lot of things, the smallest changes tend to have the largest impact if you actually apply them. A wave that actually hits the shore is far more powerful than lightning that never strikes. So let waves of improvement wash over your business as soon as you can.



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