3 Qualities of a Great Professional Clerk

A great professional clerk has a lot of excellent qualities about them, whether they be a man or a woman. While the qualities may be obvious to some people, sometimes an individual may know very little about professions other than their own. These days, everyone should have at least basic knowledge of what everyone else in the company does. This is not only one of the basic cornerstones of networking, but simply a good way to understand the org chart better. So keep in mind that the following traits befit a high quality professional clerk.

Being Bothered by Details

While getting hot under the collar is not a trait that great clerks tend to possess, having a slight chip on one's shoulder when it comes to sloppiness is. A sloppy clerk can cause a company to lose a small fortune, and it may take a detailed audit to even know the money is gone. This is the kind of thing that rarely gets any press coverage, but is vitally important to successfully keeping a business running. When the details are not in good working order, a quality professional clerk becomes disturbed and works to fix them immediately.

Being Cool Under Pressure

Clerks have a reputation for being overworked, highly stressed individuals. With so much riding on their shoulders, this should come as no surprise to anyone. Of course, allowing all of that stress to make them snippy and hard to work with would not help anyone. So a professional clerk tends to make something of a game out of keeping everything in good working order, and this allows such a person to be very organized and cool headed even during the most stressful times. A cool headed clerk can handle a lot of crises with grace and precision.


A clerk is going to be in the office a lot, and things are going to happen sometimes. A good clerk sees everybody's sins, regardless of whether they're accounting related or simply coincidental to being in the office during a time of anger. A clerk needs to be able to get past the small details of life and keep focused on the really important tasks of organization and clarification. Clerks can never afford to be petty people because this will only distract them from their eminently important duties keeping things straight. Fortunately, most clerks tend to be extremely level headed, and will allow a lot of negativity they do not deserve to simply roll off of their backs like water from a duck.



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